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Happily Ever After

Below are just a few of our dogs, cats and kittens that have found forever homes along with comments from their new, happy owners.

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Adoption Success Stories

"I forget who I spoke to at the [adoption day] event, but I let her know that I was there to see Caitlin and she immediately went to grab her carrier from under the table. They didn't keep her out in the open because of how shy she was and the woman reminded me that she was very skittish and would need a patient and loving home. While I was confident that I could deliver on that, my mind raced about how she would react to me, as it a took a few minutes to wrestle her out of the carrier. The woman handed Caitlin to me and to my surprise, she immediately hugged my chest and would not let go. I fell in love. People from the store started flocking towards her due to her beautiful coat and unique look and with every person that carefully tried to pet her, she just moved a little further up my chest and held on a little tighter. The woman helping me said "I really do believe the pets pick the people." and boy was she right. After five minutes of holding and petting her, and not having any hint of an allergic reaction, I looked at my Dad and just said "I want her." That was that.

"6 months later, everything is totally different. This shy cat who would jump at the slightest noise (still occasionally jumps haha) but is so incredibly social beyond my wildest dreams when adopting her. She plays around with the kids whenever they're here and never snaps or gets aggressive with them, taking more of what can only be described as a motherly approach. She inquisitive and fearless when it come to climbing on furniture around the house, and my father and I have built her a carpeted tower near my rear window (see picture). She loves being held like a baby as long as you're stroking the back of her neck. She loves to play and will now walk up to anyone she doesn't know who comes to visit and immediately want attention. While she isn't really a lap cat, the other day when I was feeling under the weather she jumped up on my stomach and laid there for twenty minutes, purring while I pet her. She's even gotten to the point of mostly responding to her name and the order 'sit' when we tell her to stay out of the kitchen (see picture). She just sits at the entrance and watches us. Oh and she's completely changed my Mom's views on cats :-)

"This beautiful shy little cat turned out to be the perfect match, and I can't even begin to explain how much it warms my heart to see how she's changed for the better in our company. Thank you for making this happen :-)"

Happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. 

“Hi! My name is Chewy. I was adopted to my family in the summer of 2014. I will be turning a year old in April! I wanted to thank CatWorks for finding me my family. When I was a kitten, I became very sick and it almost seemed like I would not make it. I persevered and am happy that I got the care I needed. I am doing great and love exploring new things every day. My favorite past times include sleeping, playing with the squirrels outside the window, and drinking out of my owner’s water glasses. I am a very loving kitty who will lay on anyone’s lap. I am protective of my female owner. I always make sure I have an eye on her and know what she is doing. I am so glad that I found my forever home thanks to CatWorks”

Happy dog adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. Monty came to The CatWorks as a malnourished puppy that we nursed back to health so he could find his perfect forever home. Here is Monty today with his new owner. They will be visiting the dog park together and doing lots of other fun stuff. His owner's previous dog lived to be 21 years old. Monty is hoping for that long of a life with his new best friend!

Monty got the best Christmas gift a puppy could ask for!
Happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. "Hello. Kensington [now called Odie] is doing great. Hid the first day, but I kinda' expected that. Him and George are best buds, play all the time. He LOVES the girls. He sleeps up in bed with us. everyone loves him. He just lets you cuddle him as long as you want, and we do. He made him self at home, runs everywhere just looking for something to play with, a hair band seems to be his new fave toy. Every morning him and George take turns chasing each other thru the house. They nap together in the afternoon. I wish I could get a pic of that but as soon as I find them he gets up and wants to play. I'll send more pics as I get them."
Happy cats adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. "In December of 2009 I received Aisha (whom at that time was named Maggie Moo) as a Christmas gift from a friend. I was told by the foster mom that I would never find a more loving kitty. Well, she was right! Aisha is jam packed with love AND attitude. She has so much personality for a cat, and is extremely vocal. We have conversations with each other very often. She gives the cutest little "mrrowls" to almost anything you say to her. The only problem is, Aisha does not think she is a cat. She thinks she is an alarm clock! If I hit the snooze button and do not get up, Aisha will crawl up on my chest and continually claw my nose until I sit up. She is absolutely the biggest sweetie ever."
Happy cats adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. "Hi! Its been almost a year (exactly a year the Wednesday a week before Thanksgiving) that we adopted our wonderful kitten from Nikki and the CatWorks. His name was Frack when we got him but renamed him Avalanche, which has proved to be a perfect name for him! We brought him into our family of just myself and my husband and our 1.5 year old yellow lab. At first Copper wasn't too sure about his new little brother but soon enough the two became the BEST of friends. They love playing and wrestling together and get along more than anyone could ever have imagined."
Happy cats adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. "Gidget is such a chatter box and wanted to say hello and show you how big she has gotten!! She is just one of the sweetest, most loving, talkative kitties I have ever met! Oh, and don't let me forget furry!!!!"
Happy cats adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. "I thought you would like to see how Jeter is doing (he is on the left with his arm around "Chester.")"
Happy cats adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. Joey (formerly Stumpy) is a special needs boy who found a GREAT home. His front feet are deformed--they turn under. He walks and gets around and up on stuff just fine. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to help him medically, so he is going to live his life out just as he is. He was adopted by a woman who has done a lot of rescue work over the years and was willing to open her heart and home to him. He is getting around her house just fine and has even gained some weight which he desperately needed to do!
Happy cats adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. "The Ying and Yang Cats: Trixie and Chelsea. We are thankful to CatWorks for our two adopted cats, Trixie and Chelsea. We adopted them about a year and a half apart from each other and we call them the ying and yang cats because you could not image two more different animals! Trixie, our first cat, is dark brown and black, long-haired, DISAPPEARS at the sign of a stranger, but yet will purr to beat the band when you can get her to sit still long enough that you can scratch her neck. She is a "one guy" cat and adores our 11 year old son and he can pick her up and cradle her like a baby and the purr machine takes over and just won't stop. She likes cool, hard places like floors, desktops, or hiding behind the printer. Chelsea is white with soft fur like a rabbit. She will APPEAR when strangers arrive so they can pay attention to her, but never really purrs much. She will follow you room to room to keep you company and seems equally attached to anyone who will notice her. Her nickname is "flop kitty" since she will walk over to you and flop down on the floor, belly rolling to you, so you can notice her and give her some quality attention. Chelsea adores sleeping on anything soft and warm like comforters, blankets, pillows or cushions. While Trixie was adopted as a kitten, Chelsea came to us as an older cat who had been rescued as a "teenage mother" by CatWorks. Her kittens had all been adopted but Chelsea had never seemed to find her own family. We had made a family decision to adopt an older cat since they had some difficulty finding homes, and we have never looked back! Chelsea joining "single cat" Trixie was not easy at first and it took nine months before they got used to each other. While not the best of friends, the ying/yang cats do enjoy stalking and playing with each other, which keeps them healthy and active. Personally I think they secretly like each other but just aren't willing to admit it! We thank CatWorks for rescuing two such lovely animals that are such an important part of our family. Now, how they get along with the four new Bantam chickens, well, that is ANOTHER story!" The Buckwalter Family
A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. Arthur......this is the second time he was adopted out. His sister in this home did not accept him right away and then he had his feathers all ruffled for a while back at her but the new mom and dad didn't give up and now everyone is getting along.  I just hope that Arthur shares the couch with her.
A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. "Never walk away from the dishwasher. And always check the dishwasher before shutting the door."
A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. "Hi Nicole…here are some pics of (Misty) Miss Binx!  As you can see she loves to pounce and play and stuff herself into small cubby-holes!  She is sweet and very affectionate and we just love her lots!"
A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc.

A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc.

"We changed Romeo's name to Reading, but his middle name is still Romeo because he is is such a friendly thing. We neutered Reading as soon as he was old enough. We have those records - please let us know where you want us to send copies of them. Pictures of Reading and Jersey (we adopted her a few days earlier than Reading - they are the same age) are below. Reading is an awesome cat. He likes the lazer dot, tearing up toilet paper, when we take him out for short walks (he has a harness), drinking from the faucet, chasing shadows, and playing peek-a-boo. 

"I wanted to mention that Reading was diagnosed with a heart murmur.  We are watching him for far the ultrasounds do not indicate that it is anything beyond a heart murmur. However, if you know anything about his brothers or sisters (any indication that they have HCM), please let us know. If this does progress, we want to make sure he is getting the proper treatment early-on. 

"He is a fantastic cat - we just love him!!!!"

A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. "Meow Meow and her little furry friend."
A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc.
"We are doing great we named her Cleo if you didn't already know and she is so much fun. she loves to play with you and lay with you at night. Cleo's surgery went fine she is all better now. I am sending you some pictures of Cleo."
A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc.
"They are both very honery and right now are driving Bill crazy, they just had some catnip! :) Rusty (the short hair) recovered from his illness although it took several weeks, one spent entirely in the hospital and the next with me really having to prod him to eat but he finally recovered and although he's really bad sometimes he's the most lovable of the two. He is more of a "lap cat". Sable (the long hair) is gorgeous, he also likes the water...very strange for a cat. He loves to sit on the edge of the tub and smack the water as it runs, often falling into the tub in the process. He doesn't seem to mind though, he just hops out, shakes off and goes back to playing. He's my cat...he's attached to me and if he can't find me, if I leave the room for even a minute, he makes his way to the foyer which is open through the whole house and cries. Bill swears he sounds like he's calling "MOM!" Once I answer him he comes and finds me. He's my buddy and my shadow and I adore them both, but have a special connection with Sable. They get along very well and both get along well with the dog too. Rusty tends to irritate the dog more, he likes to chase his tail. But Sable and the dog are best buddies and often wander the house and nap together."
A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. "At any rate, Merlin and Arthur (their new names) are doing GREAT, and are just about fully grown now. They're both very affectionate, although Merlin prefers not to be held, and they get along well with Cheetah (our 14 year old cat) and both the Aussie dogs. 

"They're really a joy, and lots of fun, and I'm glad we adopted the two instead of just one, as they're great playmates."
A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. "Left Behind"... now known as Kady (Kay-dee) is doing wonderful!! About a month ago or so she got de-clawed, she's feeling MUCH better now though!! She is getting along really well with Lexi (our Lab, 1) and Precious (our Pomeranian, 9)!! She loves to sleep above our heads so she can look out the windows in the morning!! I am re-doing our sun room so it's going to be a room for my art... but mostly...for Kady's pleasure!! She recently got introduced to my 2 nephews when they came to spend the night... that night she spent most of her time hiding in the sun room...however, by the end of the weekend she was coming out more...She was definitely relieved to see them go (they are 1 and 3 year old boys!!) We are so happy that we got her!! She is SO loving!! Thanks for checking in! I put together a website of some of the pictures I have taken, I have a whole album dedicated to Kady!!! The website to visit is... "
A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. "He is doing great, he has gotten a little  bit bigger and he a little chubby!!  Here are a few pictures of Jessie."
A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. "The cats are great we renamed them Brie and Tiger. Brie is still a snuggler, she is so my baby. Tiger hid for about two months and then he kept his cold for about another month now he is good, he's getting chubby and his coat is nice and soft now, not greasy. They are both fixed, I've been lazy about sending in the paper to you. Here are some pictures. I'll send you more recent ones once I put them on my computer. They both get along with our other cat and the dogs. We love them both, even my husband who was not sure about two more cats is glad we got them both."
A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. "Well I am finally sending you pictures of Roscoe (Frosty) and Lilly (Tinsel). Roscoe is named after the actor who plays Gordon on Sesame Street and Lilly got her name because we kept calling her "Lil' Cat" so we figured "Lil'" is short for Lilly. Of course, I only have pictures from December on my computer here at work and Lil' was in hiding all of December. She has certainly broken out of her shell since and we are turning her into a more friendly lap cat. Roscoe is already there and beyond. His preference is to sit on shoulders. Roscoe also has a pretty major heart murmur. We signed up for the health insurance so we need to find out if it will pay for the EKG he needs to determine what type of medicine he needs when he gets neutered. There was one absolutely adorable picture of Roscoe sleeping with Zoë but that was taken in January which, as I mentioned, is not on this computer. So you'll have to stick with the 2nd cutest picture attached."
A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc.

A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc.
"The girls are providing us with many happy moments...some of the situations they get themselves into . . .   :-)

"Maidel (which means "girl" in Dutch) is our biggest trouble maker and Zoe (chopped down from the original Zoezee) is much more reserved. It was absolutely the right decision to adopt two kitties as our older kittie Sophies isn't always in the mood for play. Although my husband wasn't happy at first, as soon as I brought them home and he met them in person, there was no question as to why I couldn't leave without them both."

A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc. "I have most of Normy's pics on my computer, so I thought I'd send you a few. He is doing wonderfully. We did not change his name since he already knew it and it's just such a cute and fitting name for him. He was just to the vet about 2 weeks ago and is healthy and up to date on shots and everything. We were adopted by a new kitten a few months ago so he has a buddy now too. His name is Syd and the two of them are inseparable. They are always playing and chasing each other and then curl up together to sleep. As you can see in the pics, we can't set down a box without Norman curling up in it to sleep. He's just a joy to have around and very affectionate. We're very glad he adopted us. And of course the two kitties together are endlessly amusing and endearing. They are quite spoiled, but we love them so much. I hope you enjoy the pics and I apologize we didn't give you updates until now."
A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc.
"Mercedes is doing GREAT! She is such a loving cat, and she is always so happy. She loves playing with her toy mice and she has a sister named Lexus.  They didn't get along well in the beginning but now they hate to be apart! She loves getting attention and she has the cutest purr. She more laid back then her sister, but she is also more behaved! I enclosed some pictures of her. Thanks again for saving her!"

A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc.
"The kitty Bela (Geebee) is doing wonderful. Having a good time with her bigger brother Zombie. Who are both looking forward to going back to West Virginia for the holidays to play with my mom and brother's cats. I attached a couple of recent pictures of her.

"Thanks for the checkup. She has been a COMPLETE pleasure."
A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc.

A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc.

A happy cat adopted from The CatWorks, Inc.
"Hi! It's me Murray, you remember "Furry Murray". It's been such a long time since I've seen you and I have so much to tell you. I just love my forever home. My mommy and daddy just adore me so much, it such a nice feeling. Mommy gives me hugs and kisses every day, don't tell her but I don't really care for it much, but I let her do it anyway. She does after all keep me well stocked with toys and always a full belly. I also have these other people in my life, Mommy says they're my grandma, grandpa, grammy and pop pop, they always bring me treats and new toys, so they're okay in my book. I just love playing with foil balls and little mice toys. Mommy and Daddy both like it when I go and bring the mouse to them and they can throw it again, I guess they're easily amused! In our house we have this room they call the "sunroom", it's all windows, and when it's nice out Mommy opens the screens and I get lots of nice fresh air, and I get to see bunnies and squirrels and things, it's very exciting. I also like to lay in the sink when mommy is in the shower, sometimes I even sit on the side, mommy thinks its funny. I also got a baby brother a couple months ago, it was real small when we first met, now he's a giant, but I told him early that I was his big brother (and the boss) and we get along great! I like to sleep on the top of his crate when mommy and daddy aren't home, he gets lonely without me. Well it's just about time for a snack and a nap in mommy's bed, so I better get going, but I just wanted to thank you for everything, for believing in me when I was so sick and nursing me back to health, and most of all for finding me such a loving forever home. I'll have mommy include some pictures, so you can see how handsome I've become. We'll check in sooner next time.  

"Love you lots, Murray."
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